The Sunday live draw results saw 35 draws take place, the jokes were flooding in and one had Tech in stitches but wasn’t quite tame enough to read out! The Century Rods with 30 instant wins only had 500 tickets left including the Session on Wainstones Pool, viewers flocked to the competition to enter and try their luck for the last BIG instant win. This sold out just after the live draws so will be announced and drawn a week early in Wednesdays Live Draw.
The new Instant Win competition has almost all Instant Wins still there, grab your entries and not only be in with a chance of winning the main prize but also a chance to grab an Instant Win by finding one of the numbers listed on the competition. Find that and you instantly WIN the prize. You can enter the instant win competition HERE for the BRAND NEW FOX Explorer TI Rods 8-10ft 3lb PLUS 30 INSTANT WINS

Here are all the winners who have also received a text to let them know they have won from our new notification system.

Draw 1 – JAG One Pult CatapultW
INNER: Chris Roberts (23)

Draw 2 – 50 Tickets for the Deeper Chirp+ 2
WINNER: Martin Bell (12)

Draw 3 – CC Moore Northern Special Wafters
WINNER: Sam Herring (59)

Draw 4 – 100 Tickets for the Spodding Bundle
WINNER: Sarah Haynes (13)

Draw 5 – Fox Camo Bivvy Mat
WINNER: Paul Freestone (55)

Draw 6 – 50 Tickets for the GoPro Bundle
WINNER: Raymond Crick (219)

Draw 7 – 3x New Direction Bobbins
WINNER: Simon Cooper (28)

Draw 8 – Korda Carp Care Kit
WINNER: Nicky Mouat (115)

Draw 9 – 100 Tickets for the Fox 12000 XC Reels
WINNER: Patrica Frick (234)

Draw 10 – Sticky Baits Pop Ups Bundle
WINNER: Christopher Growns (131)

Draw 11 – Carp Life Kettle
WINNER: Sean Quincey (53)

Draw 12 – 100 Tickets for the Ridgemonkey Bait Boat
WINNER: Derek Johnson (66)

Draw 13 – CC Moore Pacific Tuna Session Pack
WINNER: Barry Dyke (197)

Draw 14 – ESP Camo Zipped Hoody
WINNER: Lenny Hollywood (170)

Draw 15 – CC Moore 10kg Spod and PVA Mix
WINNER: Raymond Crick (84)

Draw 16 – 5x Mainline Stick Mix Liquids
WINNER: Paul Barthram (150)

Draw 17 – Korda PVA Bundle
WINNER: Andrew Croston (184)

Draw 18 – CC Moore Live System and Bloodworm Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Martin Greensmith (152)

Draw 19 – Nash Butt Locks Small or Large
WINNER: Dylan Thompson (48)

Draw 20 – Fox Waterproof Boots
WINNER: Ben Holman (80)

Draw 21 – Fox Carpmaster STR Weigh Sling
WINNER: James Fox (144)

Draw 22 – Korda Digital Scales
WINNER: Paul Middleton (43)

Draw 23 – Fox Light Weight Camo 10K Rain Jacket
WINNER: Danny Ramsay (169)

Draw 24 – New Direction Carbon Rod Pod
WINNER: Richard Starling (194)

Draw 25 – Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove Pro Mini Full Kit
WINNER: Elliot Barton (169)

Draw 26 – Korda Compac Cooler Camo
WINNER: Martin Greensmith (285)

Draw 27 – Nash Moon Chair
WINNER: Alexander Chalke (202)

Draw 28 – ESP Quickdraw Landing Net
WINNER: Susan Unitt (183)

Draw 29 – Ridgemonkey Grilla BBQ
WINNER: Wayne Dawson (158)

Draw 30 – Fox 96K Power Pack
WINNER: Tony Tilly (536)

Draw 31 – Korda Singlez Set up
WINNER: Steve Ring (488)

Draw 32 – Bite Alarms of your Choice
WINNER: Aaron Straine-Francis (269)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 50 Tickets for the Spodding Bundle
WINNER: Paul Barthram (120)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 50 Tickets for the Fox 12000 XC Reels
WINNER: Elliot Barton (70)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – Tickets for the Ridgemonkey Bait Boat
WINNER: Brian Hamnett (176)

Congratulations to all the winners, take a look HERE what ends in Wednesday and guaranteed to be drawn live from 7pm

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