The Sunday live draw kicked off with tech flying solo for the first 15 minutes but the duo were soon re-united and the draws started once we hit the required 100 viewers. Its become a tradition now that the draws don’t start until we have 100 people tuned in’.

It’s great to see the community building and the constant support we really do appreciate every single one of you. As the site and community build we will keep raising the bar and bringing you better competitions with the same great odds! Take a look at the new competitions now online with some MEGA new prizes up for grabs including the new Fox Frontier Lite Bivvy

30 Draws took place PLUS 4 extra quick 30 minute competitions during the live. A few of our regulars made it back on the winners list and lots of new names taking their first wins including some new players.

Here are the winners from this weeks Live Sunday Draw.

Draw 1 – Signed Carp Fishing Made Easy Book
WINNER: Gareth Parry (97)

Draw 2 – 50 Tickets for the Fox QR Pod
WINNER: Ian Kohler (67)

Draw 3 – Fox Black Orange Sunglasses
WINNER: Raymond Crick (84)

Draw 4 – CC Moore Carp Freaks Pop Ups and Booster
WINNER: Paul Freestone (25)

Draw 5 – 100 Tickets for the Fox Mini Micron Camo Bite Alarms
WINNER: Mark Baker (141)

Draw 6 – Fox Camolite Messenger Bag
WINNER: Nicky Mouat (134)

Draw 7 – Thinking Anlgers Camfleck Bait Up Bag
WINNER: Adam Seaton (71)

Draw 8 – Mainline Toppers Cell and Essential Cell
WINNER: Valerie Styles (140)

Draw 9 – Fox Camolite Wash Bag
WINNER: Paul Mansell (9)

Draw 10 – CC Moore Krill PVA Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Grant Blochlinger (66)

Draw 11 – Fox Dumpy Bobbins
WINNER: Jonathan Newbold (249)

Draw 12 – 7x Mainline Bait Spray
WINNER: Paul Barthram (213)

Draw 13 – CC Moore Bloodworm PVA Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Roy Pryor (115)

Draw 14 – 40 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Jonathan Breakwell (268)

Draw 15 – CC Moore 10kg Spod Mix
WINNER: Paul Freestone (33)

Draw 16 – Fox R-Series 2 Person Dinner Set
WINNER: Kirsty Brown (102)

Draw 17 – 6x Coleman Gas
WINNER: Derek Johnson (242)

Draw 18 – Korda Tackle Box Bundle
WINNER: Gemma Wider (297)

Draw 19 – Fox Carpmaster STR Weigh Sling
WINNER: Torino Narduzzo (129)

Draw 20 – Sonik Xtractor T44 Landing Net
WINNER: Paul Gunner (106)

Draw 21 – Fox waterproof Boots
WINNER: Simon Hunt (72)

Draw 22 – Carp Life Stove and Kettle
WINNER: Nicky Mouat (215)

Draw 23 – Nash ZT Hoody
WINNER: Alisha Lambert (229)

Draw 24 – Nash ZT Joggers
WINNER: Mark Squires (10)

Draw 25 – 200 Tickets for the Shimano Reels
WINNER: Steve Ring (51)

Draw 26 – Fox Camolite Bag Bundle
WINNER: James Holland (243)

Draw 27 – Vass 700 Heavy Duty Waders
WINNER: Gavin Williams (83)

Draw 28 – Trakker Levelite Transformer Chair
WINNER: Petrica Frick (15)

Draw 29 – Avid Benchmark Sleep System
WINNER: Darren Griffith (268)

Draw 30 – Fox Frontier X+ Bivvy
WINNER: Simon Dann (1464)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 20 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Steve Ring (191)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 50 Tickets for the DJI Drone
WINNER: Paul Barthram (75)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – 50 Tickets for the Fox QR Pod
WINNER: Steve Ring (72)

EXTRA DRAW 4 – 50 Tickets for the Shimano Reels
WINNER: Simon Simon (139)

Well done to all the winners and thankyou to everyone who entered, here is what ends WEDNESDAY in this weeks fantastic Carp Fishing Gear Competitions.

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