Carp Fishing Competition Winners

Wednesdays Live draw was full of memories from the weekends first ever Capital Carp Social, its pretty clear from the feedback this was one of the best weekends fishing there has been. None stop laughs from start to end and lots of PBs broken.

The live draws saw 33 winners taking away fantastic prizes with one lucky winner getting a place on the next Capital Carp Social at East Delph Lakes in June.

Also during the live we launched one of our biggest ever competitions. A chance to not only WIN a set of Century Stealth Graphene 12ft 3.75lb Rods but also 30 INSTANT wins with prizes such as a session for 4 people on Mark Pitchers Wainstone Pool.

Here are all the Winners from the Wednesday draw, a huge congratulations to all this weeks winners, if you missed the draw the link is at the end of this post.

Draw 1 – 50 Tickets for the Fox Explorer Deluxe Barrow
WINNER: Ben Pinion (104)

Draw 2 – CC Moore Wafters
WINNER: Ian Kohler (198)

Draw 3 – 50 Tickets for the Fox QR Pod
WINNER: Paul Barthram (71)

Draw 4 – New Direction Magnetic Butt Rests
WINNER: Sam Ray (91)

Draw 5 – 100 Tickets for the Mini Micron Camo Bite Alarms *DRAW 1*
WINNER: Mark Squires (44)

Draw 6 – Korda Zig Bix and 6 Zig Rigs
WINNER: Adam James (78)

Draw 7 – Fox Camo Sunglasses
WINNER: Ricky Tuffs (83)

Draw 8 – Thinking Anglers Camfleck Compact Pouch
WINNER: Martin Greensmith (214)

Draw 9 – 100 for the Fox Frontier X+ Bivvy
WINNER: Mark Squires (251)

Draw 10 – Sticky Baits Pop Ups Bundle
WINNER: James Fox (212)

Draw 11 – Trakker Bug Blaster
WINNER: Jonathan Newbold (189)

Draw 12 – 100 Tickets for the Mini Micron Camo Bite Alarms *DRAW 2*
WINNER: Justin Kaine (62)

Draw 13 – 10kg CC Moore Spod Mix and Booster Bundle
WINNER: Roy Pryor (111)

Draw 14 – ESP Camo Zipped Hoody
WINNER: Raymond Crick (143)

Draw 15 – Nash Citruz Bait Bundle
WINNER: Nicky Mouat (89)

Draw 16 – Solar Undercover Carry All Medium
WINNER: Ben Goshawk (174)

Draw 17 – ESP Wrap Distance Sticks
WINNER: Matthew Hutton (168)

Draw 18 – Fox Aquos Camo Accessory Bags
WINNER: Ian Kohler (82)

Draw 19 – 50 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Jonathan Breakwell (242)

Draw 20 – Fox Easy Mat
WINNER: Perry Cobb (130)

Draw 21 – 200 Tickets for the Shimano Power Aero Reels
WINNER: Steve Ring (186)

Draw 22 – Korda Digital Scales
WINNER: Barry Dyke (172)

Draw 23 – Korda Goo Bag and 6 Goos
WINNER: Mark Ducker (281)

Draw 24 – Fox Explorer Rucksack and Barrow Bag
WINNER: Nicos Constantinou (313)

Draw 25 – Avid Safeguard 2 Piece Landing Net
WINNER: Craig Poxton (274)

Draw 26 – Sticky Baits 10kg Krill Bundle
WINNER: Steven Caunt (318)

Draw 27 – Nash Stalking Bundle
WINNER: Dan Jones (179)

Draw 28 – Korda Mini Rig Safe with ready tied Rigs
WINNER: Adam James (60)

Draw 29 – Fox 96K Power Pack
WINNER: Andrew Sammons (70)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 20 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Brian Hamnett (22)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 100 Tickets for the Avid Sleep System
WINNER: Dave Kenny (190)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – 50 Tickets for the Frontier X+ Bivvy
WINNER: Daniel Bentley (35)

EXTRA DRAW 4 (Early sell out) – Place on the CCC June Social
WINNER: Kieran Hale (272)

Take a look at what ends sunday in our fantastic Carp Fishing Gear Competitions and good luck!

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