This weeks Sunday live draw was Live from Old Mill Lakes where the first ever Capital Carp Social was taking place.

This was an incredible weekend, there will be a full write up on the website with all pictures and video links coming soon. There were 6 PBs broken, endless laughs all weekend and in true Capital style a competitive element which everyone really enjoyed. The next social draw for a place is now on and ends on Sunday. The feedback has been crazy, everyone is still on a high and not one person left feeling anything other than positive! If you would like to WIN a place on the next Capital Carp Social you can enter here for the June Social at East Delph lakes

We crowned 33 winners with fantastic prizes from this weeks draw plus lots of new competitions added to enter – Click here to see what new Carp Fishing Gear Competitions are now online

Here are all this weeks Lucky Sunday Winners!

Draw 1 – Fortis Phone Filter
WINNER: Charly Buns (49)

Draw 2 – Speero DPM Pouch Set
WINNER: Michael Costello (58)

Draw 3 – CC Moore Bait Booster Powder
WINNER 1: Jason Smith (94)
WINNER 2: Ian Kohler (93)

Draw 4 – Korda Carp Care Kit
WINNER: Dale Grime (7)

Draw 5 – 3 New Direction Bobbins
WINNER: Justin Kaine (81)

Draw 6 – Avid Retracta Tool Set
WINNER: Steward Goodchild (32)

Draw 7 – 100 Tickets for the Avid Benchmark Sleep System
WINNER: Michael Brady (54)

Draw 8 – CC Moore Live System Session Pack
WINNER: Graham Johnson (97)

Draw 9 – 100 Tickets for the Fox Frontier X+
WINNER: Martin Kent (289)

Draw 10 – 10kg CC Moore Spod Mix Bundle
WINNER: Steve Ring (16)

Draw 11 – 100 Tickets for the Shimano Power Aero Reels
WINNER: Andrew Rice (172)

Draw 12 – CC Moore Bloodworm Session Pack
WINNER: Gemma Wider (89)

Draw 13 – Wolf Mozzi Zappa and Tech Bag
WINNER: Josh Dams (6)

Draw 14 – Fox Camolite Brew Kit Bag
WINNER: Reece Warner (19)

Draw 15 – 5kg Nutrabaits Trigga Boilies and Wafters
WINNER: Steve Ring (48)

Draw 16 – Fox Exclusive XL Camo Bivvy Mat
WINNER: Steve Ring (161)

Draw 17 – Daiwa Free Flow Weigh and Retainer Sling
WINNER: Simon Hunt (142)

Draw 18 – 5kg Pacific Tuna Bundle
WINNER: Barry Dyke (73)

Draw 19 – 4x Mainline Smart Liquids
WINNER: Wayne Essex (28)

Draw 20 – 50 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Sara Haynes (150)

Draw 21 – Korda Compac Kamo Bundle
WINNER: Ashley Davis (184)

Draw 22 – 3x 200m Fox Illusion Fluorocarbon Mainline
WINNER: Derek Johnson (3)

Draw 23 – Nash Tackle Rod Pod
WINNER: Thomas Brown (39)

Draw 24 – Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove Pro Mini
WINNER: Carl Betson (159)

Draw 25 – 8x Mainline Boilies
WINNER: Adam James (267)

Draw 26 – Nash Moon Chair
WINNER: Danny Ramsey (126)

Draw 27 – Nash Tackle Electric Power Barrow
WINNER: Sean Durrans (1731)

Draw 28 – 3 Rod Set Bite Alarms of your Choice
WINNER: Dale Barrett (1376)

Draw 29 – April Mystery Box
WINNER: Derek Johnson (2363)

Draw 30 – 3 Fox Horizon X5-S Rods
WINNER: Raymond Crick (1664)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 50 Tickets for the Shimano Power Aero Reels
WINNER: Patrick Frick (64)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 50 Tickets for the Frontier X+ Bivvy
WINNER: Jonathan Brown (59)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – 100 Tickets for the Avid Sleep System
WINNER: Creg Gibbed (119

EXTRA DRAW 4 – 50 Tickets for the Shimano Power Aero Reels
WINNER: Steve Ring (67)

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