Our Wednesday Draw of 27 competitions and 3 extra Live Draws saw a lot of new names on the winners board. Lots of new great competitions were launched which you can find here.

The Winner of the Basias was probably our most shocked and excited winner ever on the call, we love to call the winner of the Big Prize on the live and its great when we hear the pure joy in peoples voice, this is why we do this afterall!

Take a look here what ends this week including the chance to WIN a Set of 3 Rod Bite Alarms of your choice, choose from Nash Siren R4, Delkim TXI-D or Fox RX+. Or maybe you fancy a Nash Electric Power Barrow? OR Some Fox Horison X5S Rods.

The Sunday live draw will be from the bank where Mark and Tech will be with 12 other fantastic community members for the first of our Capital Community Socials! Follow the facebook pages and keep an eye out for Live streams nightly and all weekend when we hope to have some LIVE BUCKETING!!!

Here are the winners, well done if you made the list this week and if not, we wish you all the very best of luck in the Competitions that end on Sunday

Draw 1 – Signed Carp Fishing Made Easy Book
WINNER: James Fox (69)

Draw 2 – Korda Heavy Katapult
WINNER: Mark Przysocki (42)

Draw 3 – 100 Tickets for the April Mystery Box
WINNER: Nicos Constantinou (88)

Draw 4 – CC Moore Northern Specials Pop Ups
WINNER: Carl Betson (34)

Draw 5 – 100 Tickets for the Nash Power Barrow
WINNER: Jonathan Breakwell (83)

Draw 6 – Ridgemonkey Choppa
WINNER: Sarah Haynes (38)

Draw 7 – Fox Trans Khaki Sunglasses
WINNER: Raymond Crick (38)

Draw 8 – 100 Tickets for the Bite Alarms of your Choice
WINNER: Petrica Frick (4)

Draw 9 – Fox Camolite XL Pillow
WINNER: Andrew Musgrove (133)

Draw 10 – 3x Mainline Spod and PVA Pellet Mix
WINNER: Keith Lowe (70)

Draw 11 – 100 Tickets for the Fox Horizon X5-S Rods
WINNER: Sophie Ambrose (62)

Draw 12 – CC Moore Pacific Tuna PVA Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Steve Ring (88)

Draw 13 – Mainline Pastel Wafter Barrels
WINNER: Gareth Tinkler (164)

Draw 14 – CC Moore Bloodworm PVA Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Nicos Constantinou (168)

Draw 15 – 3x Fox Dinky Bobbins
WINNER: Carl Tilley (36)

Draw 16 – Thinking Anglers Camfleck Cool Bag
WINNER: Ashley Titley (151)

Draw 17 – 3 New Korda Goo
WINNER: Paul Freestone (54)

Draw 18 – Fox Olive Trainers
WINNER: Chris Bygott (123)

Draw 19 – Ridgemonkey Armoury Tackle Box
WINNER: Barney Wilkinson (86)

Draw 20 – Korda Basix Carp Cradle
WINNER: Brian Hamnett (136)

Draw 21 – Trakker Sanctuary T3 Landing Net
WINNER: Juergen Ruoff (234)

Draw 22 – Avid Double Decker Bivvy Organiser
WINNER: Mark Langridge (288)

Draw 23 – 100 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Petrica Frick (225)

Draw 24 – Fox Camolite Ruckall
WINNER: Kevin Ruane (231)

Draw 25 – Powapacs TV
WINNER: Sam Ray (260)

Draw 26 – Ridgemonkey Grilla BBQ
WINNER: Matthew Hutton (392)

Draw 27 – 3x Daiwa Basia 45 SCW QD
WINNER: Ashley Jackson (2660)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 20 Tickets for the Carp Royal Bait Boat
WINNER: Jonathan Breakwell (156)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 50 Tickets for the Fox Horizon X5-S Rods
WINNER: Martin Greensmith (125)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – 100 Tickets for the Avid Benchmark Sleep System
WINNER: Mitchell Dunn (163)

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