This Sundays live Draw made 32 winners from the weeks carp fishing competitions plus 3 extra draws during the live, James Fox took away a FREE Capital Carp Towel for the best joke and Raymond Crick made it onto the Social after a redraw for one of the places along with Nathan Atcheson who was the lucky winner of the draw for the place from the competition run this week, they will both be joining Mark, Jamie the other 8 who have so far been selected from the Capital Carp Community at East Delph.

Here are all the lucky winners from this week, have a look at what ends on Wednesday in this weeks fantastic carp fishing competitions including a prize that is just perfect at this time of year. The ESP MK2 Floater Rod or keep all your devices charged with the Ridgemonkey Power Pack.

Draw 1 – Signed In Pursuit of Carpiness II DVD
WINNER: Michael Ashall (50)

Draw 2 – 50 Tickets for the Daiwa Basia Reels
WINNER: Adam Monahan (95)

Draw 3 – Signed Carp Fishing Made Easy Book
WINNER: Aaron Chuck (30)

Draw 4 – 50 Tickets for the Fox Horizon X5-S Rods
WINNER: Raymond Crick (95)

Draw 5 – CC Moore Northern Specials Pop Ups
WINNER: Darryl Norman (25)

Draw 6 – 100 Tickets for the April Mystery Box
WINNER: James Dixon (65)

Draw 7 – Mainline Pastel Wafter Barrels
WINNER: Matthew Hutton (186)

Draw 8 – 100 Tickets for the Nash Titan Hide and Sleep System
WINNER: Lisa Sampson (182)

Draw 9 – Trakker Bug Blaster
WINNER: Ian Maclaren (69)

Draw 10 – 30 Tickets for the JAG Rod Pod
WINNER: Carl Betson (252)

Draw 11 – Powapacs DAB+ Radio
WINNER: Martha Ward (105)

Draw 12 – Fox Zig Disc Storage and 6 Zigs
WINNER: Sophie Ambrose (121)

Draw 13 – 3 x Mainline Hemp
WINNER: Ben Goshawk (113)

Draw 14 – Fox Black Camo Joggers
WINNER: Matt Donlon (88)

Draw 15 – CC Moore Live System Session Pack
WINNER: Mark Ducker (122)

Draw 16 – Ridgemonkey Combi Toaster and Steamer Set
WINNER: Kevin Ruane (11)

Draw 17 – CC Moore Bloodworm Session Pack
WINNER: Steven Capsey (38)

Draw 18 – Fox Black Label Mni Swinger
WINNER: Pete Layton (2)

Draw 19 – Ridgemonkey Boilie Crusher and Bucket
WINNER: Kyle Moss (246)

Draw 20 – 5kg CC Moore Pacific Tuna Boilie Bundle
WINNER: Phill Hanley (147)

Draw 21 – Fox Khaki Camo Hoody
WINNER: Kayleigh Gunton (183)

Draw 22 – Carp Life Stove and Kettle
WINNER: Stan Wake (124)

Draw 23 – Fortis Vista Amber Sunglasses
WINNER: Justin Kaine (214)

Draw 24 – Fox AL350C Headtorch
WINNER: Gemma Wider (11)

Draw 25 – Fox Weigh Sling and Tripod
WINNER: Derek Pratt (201)

Draw 26 – Fox Easy Mat
WINNER: Lewis Phelan (62)

Draw 27 – Fox Aquos Camolite Cool Bag 30L
WINNER: Adam Monahan (137)

Draw 28 – 10 kg Sticky Baits Krill Bundle
WINNER: Jack Ambrose (153)

Draw 29 – Korda Terminal Tackle Bundle
WINNER: Stephen Mackie (251)

Draw 30 – Fox Explorer Barrow
WINNER: James Kohler (344)

Draw 31 – Place on the CCC Social in June
WINNER: Nathan Atcheson (16)
plus Raymond Crick from the top 10 Redraw.

Draw 32 – Limited Edition Mini Micron X Camo
WINNER: Paul Freestone (616)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 10 Tickets for the JAG Rod Pod
WINNER: Paul Freestone (63)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 50 Tickets for the Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker Reel
WINNER: Carl Tilley (133)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – 50 Tickets for the ESP MK2 Floater Rod
WINNER: Carl Tilley (53)

FREE Capital Carp Towel goes to James Fox

Take a look at all the competitions now online, if you missed the live, watch it below and we hope to see you on the next live draw!

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