This is a new page where will now post an update after each live draw!
The mid week Wednesday Live Draw saw Mark Pitchers joining from the bank at Old Mill Lakes, 30 draws were planned plus 3 additional quick draws took place on the live! Mark gave the live draw viewers the chance to ask fishing related questions with some great advice given. We are going to make this a regular thing, if you have any burning questions you want to ask Mark, need that extra tip then the live draws will now have time for Mark to answer your questions. this weeks draw saw some great advice on bobbins and fishing in weed.

The Jokes were taken up another level from James Fox this week with some absolute gems.

Here are all the lucky winners from the draw, lots of new winners again joining the winners hall of fame.

Draw 1 – Fortis Phone Filter
WINNER: Dale Grime (68)

Draw 2 – Fox Towel
WINNER: Paul Freestone (28)

Draw 3 – Carp Fishing Made Easy Book
WINNER: Dale Grime (31)

Draw 4 – 50 Tickets for the Fox QR Pod
WINNER: Matthew Selby

Draw 5 – Korda Infuzas
WINNER: Raymond Crick (108)

Draw 6 – Hippopotachunk Beanie
WINNER: Dale Grime (82)

Draw 7 – 100 Tickets for the April Mystery Box
WINNER: James Dixon (175)

Draw 8 – CC Moore Carp Freaks Pop Ups and Booster
WINNER: Penny Key (13)

Draw 9 – Fox Water Bucket
WINNER: Paul Niedziolka (34)

Draw 10 – 100 Tickets for the Daiwa Emblem Reels
WINNER: Carl Tilley (105)

Draw 11 – Greys G1 Sunglasses
WINNER: Trevor Nutall

Draw 12 – 3 x Korda Kamakura Wide Gape X Hooks
WINNER: James Fox (163)

Draw 13 – Korda Basix Tackle Box
WINNER: James Dixon (55)

Draw 14 – Daiwa Infinity Double Accessory Case
WINNER: Shaun Fordyce (55)

Draw 15 – Ridgemonkey Thermomug
WINNER: Sam Fitzgerald (44)

Draw 16 – Korda Zig Box and 6 Zigs
WINNER: James Clutterbuck (195)

Draw 17 – Korda Compac Organiser
WINNER: Stuart Goodchild (122)

Draw 18 – CC Moore Krill PVA Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Keith Ward (101)

Draw 19 – 100 Tickets for the Frontier Camo Bivvy
WINNER: Ricky Tedstone (1)

Draw 20 – CC Moore Live System PVA Bag Mix Pack
WINNER: Adam Cordingley (57)

Draw 21 – Wolf Mozzi Zappa and Tech Case
WINNER: Darren Gill (28)

Draw 22 – 3 green Cygnet Clinga Dumpy Bobbins
WINNER: Jim Newman (108)

Draw 23 – CC Moore Bloodworm Session Pack
WINNER: Becky Lavender (69)

Draw 24 – ESP Camo Tackle Case Small and Large
WINNER: Sam Fitzgerald (135)

Draw 25 – 5kg CC Moore Live System Boilies Booster and Liquid
WINNER: Paul Satariano (76)

Draw 26 – Goo Bag and 6 Goos
WINNER: Steve Shiret (220)

Draw 27 – 10kg Nutrabaits Boilies Pop Ups and Wafters
WINNER: Jerome Brown (239)

Draw 28 – Carp Life Brew Bundle
WINNER: Lea Boubly (196)

Draw 29 – Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarms
WINNER: Ashley Jackson (1353)

Draw 30 – Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat
WINNER: Martin Greensmith (152)

EXTRA DRAW 1 – 50 Tickets for the Fox Frontier Camo Bivvy
WINNER: Lawrence Burnes (20)

EXTRA DRAW 2 – 50 Tickets for the Fox Explorer Rods
WINNER: Paul Welch (146)

EXTRA DRAW 3 – 50 Tickets for the Daiwa Emblem Reels
WINNER: Glen Ryan (37)

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